'69-71 911 horn grills. CHROME. NEW: TMP 9355 and TMP 9356. METAL. Made in the USA. Right and Left. NEW in wrapper. Sold as-is.
911 EURO tail light and turn signal light lens. R+L front and R+L rear. NEW. 1969-71 CHROME. GERMAN, in the wrapper-never installed. With screws. NEW. Sold as-is.
911 MFI plastic fuel lines. From MFI WERKS. Eight(8) numbered custom made MFI fuel lines. NEW. Never had gas in them. Illegal for my BONNEVILLE car. GOOD DEAL: get more lines for LESS money!! NEW. Sold as-is.
2.7RS piston/ cylinder set. MAHLE. 8.5-1CR. NIKASIL. 90mm. 6 pistons,6 cylinders, 6 pins and 12 circlips. NO rings. Good ring lands, good plating. Some broken fins. Run a grape hone down the cylinders, coat the pistons, order some rings and you just saved yourself $3000.00! Pelican list is $4690.50!! Used. Sold as-is.
1971 911T air cleaner. One year, one model. Plastic, with plastic snorkel. Correct plastic wingnuts. RARE! Used. Sold as-is.
911/912 cigar lighter assembly. Male and female. Used. Sold as-is.
911 lighter ass. Part# 911 625 102 02. Male and female. Used. Sold as-is.
911/912 inside mirror- glue on. Tight at pivot, nice glass. Very nice! Used. Sold as-is.
911 engine lid light. '74-89. Used. Sold as-is.
911 factory hinge and body mount(weld on) set. R+L. Used. Sold as-is.
911 LWB ash tray. No facia trim. Good Spring. Used. Sold as-is.
1972 911 glove box door. No Key. Used. Sold as-is
1974 911 glove box door. No key. Used. Sold as-is.
911T left cam CORE. MFI DRIVE. 47mm bearings. Use to regrind to HOTTER spec and MFI. Used. Sold as-is.
1968-74 245mm 911 fan and ring. WITH PULLY HALF. No cracks in ring. Small nick on one blade-NOT A CHIP ON OUTER EDGE. NEW pully half included. BOLT ON AND GO!! Used. Sold as-is.
911 rear tin over muffler. 1968-71. NO HOLE. NO RUST. Used. Sold as-is.
1984-89 911 3.2 rear tin over the muffler. NO RUST. Used. Sold as-is.
6X15 LATE(NOT DEEP 6)FUCHS. Casting # 911 361 020 10. Date 1/77. No cracks. Straight. CORE. Use as-is or restore. Used. Sold as-is. 15 inch FUCHS are getting hard to find!
Four plain hub caps for '64-65 911. Three are dated 3/63 and one is dated 1/67. Also used on '65 356SC. NO EMBLEMS. RARE!!! Used. Sold as-is.
911 rear window relay. 6 pin. '70-89 911. '75-77 930 TURBO. Used. Sold as-is.
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