911 915 225mm SACHS Clutch kit with NEW flywheel. 225mm ALUMINUM pressure plate. FULL SIZE CLUTCH PLATE(not the new too small JUNK they sell today), NOS throw-out bearing, NEW pilot bearing. Good Used ring gear. Bolted on engine but customer wanted a 215 clutch for a 901 trans. NEW, NOS. Sold as-is.
2.2S piston/cylinder set. NOS. NIKASIL. 84mm. 9.8-1cr. 911 103 918 01. MAHLE 503 03 90. NOS set of SIX. NEW in factory box and wrappers. Fit '72-73 911S to raise low factory ratio. NEW. Sold as-is. Pelican list=$4000.00.
'69-71 911S front oil cooler thermostat assembly. RARE. No common corrosion on oil filter mount. Used. Sold as-is.
911 WEBER 40IDA-3C 40x30mm venturi. FACTORY set of SIX. Used. Sold as-is.
'70-71 911 oil return line. engine to tank. 901 107 720 01. NOS. FACTORY ALUMINUM. Fittings dated 4/70. NOS. Sold as-is.
NOS 911 front cooler thermostat IN PARTS as sold by the dealer. Three parts: New body, 930 107 155 00, and 930 107 076 00. NEW Sold as-is.
356-912 valve spring removal tool. FACTORY P-7. Late. RARE! Used. Sold as-is.
NOS 911 pedal mount. 911 423 065 02. List price: $255.90. NEW. Sold as-is. Fits 914 also.
911 '69-73 T,E,S,RS. NOS fuel expansion tank. If you smell gas inside your 911-you need this! NEW. Sold as-is.
911 MFI pump mount. '69-73. 911/83. 901 110 235 OR. Used. Sold as-is.
'72-73 911S and all 911/83 '73-76 36mm throttle bodies. NEW reproduction. Never mounted on an engine. Better than factory magnesium-MADE OF ALUMINUM. Buy new for the price of a rebuild and NO WAITING. Ready to ship NOW. NEW. Sold as-is.